Ready to build something you can be proud of? All you need is the will to succeed. Our international fast food franchising team paves the way for you to become a thriving business owner. We’ll help you customize your location, hire a small team, and generate wealth.

Changing the Face Of Fast Food

We are driven by the belief that quality, innovation, variety, consistency and customer care are critical fast-casual experience and understand that committed owners are the components of our gourmet key to our success.

Burgerturm’s experienced global team has conducted extensive research into the EU fast-casual dining market and has developed training, branding and operations protocols designed to empower franchise owners and support them in operating successful and profitable Burgerturm stores in their communities.

  • Quality in every detail

  • Premium Burgers

  • Successful and proven concept

  • Award winning - recognized as the best tasting burger in country after country

  • High average turnover per restaurant:

We aim for quality in everything we do. We never compromise on taste or quality. The best ingredients, carefully chosen and cooked with passion - that is the recipe for the best burger. Our products are made to order for the most exquisite taste.

Franchise Burger

We believe that you are a strong entrepreneurial market and operation-oriented company, involved in retailing or other service-related business. You have demonstrated successful ownership and management with financial and organizational power to take on entire or large parts of a market/country including running all restaurants under your own management. The bigger the country, the greater total investment. As a franchise you are expected to take on all the investments including but not limited to land/location, construction, machinery and inventory.

  • Superior product development

  • Premium price level

  • Award winning - recognized as the best tasting burger in country after country

  • High average turnover per restaurant:

  • Healty offering

Our franchise partner must have a clear understanding of the mutual goals and commitments necessary for the success of a multi-unit food service business and be willing to allocate the necessary human and financial resources to successfully develop, manage and promote the business.


- Burger Turm Branches -

Exclusive Homemade Burgers with Burger Turm.

Burger Turm are in more locations with new branches!


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