Perfectly Balanced Burger

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  • Top Bread

    Warmed and sprayed with sauce.

    Directly hits nostrils first to stimulate smell and sense warmth of bread.


    sIiced lettuce leaf sliced pickled cucumber.

    provides freshness and cruchy sounds that can increase umami perception and enhance enjoyment.

  • Tomato

    1 cm slice of vine ripened tomato

    Adds important fifth taste umami, juiciness and aroma

  • Crunchy Layer

    sliced red onion

    Adds second layer of crispy texture and crunch sound

  • Cheese

    slices of cheddar.

    Needs to be warm and melted directly on the meat to provide soft texture and add aroma.

  • Meat

    patty of Angus premium

    %100 pure beef seasoned.

    Intra-muscular fat content (up to 30%) of Angus meat gives superior texture, aroma and taste, which makes it ideal for burger

  • Lower Bread

    Add 2 x splashes of joppie sauce,

    adds umami to enhance sweet and salty tastes,

    but also moistens the inside of the lower bread in addition to the meat juices

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